Letters to the Editor

Andrea Seastrand is wrong about Women’s March

I found Andrea Seastrand’s recent commentary on the Women’s March movement quite ill-spirited and partisan (“No room for conservative women in Women’s March movement”). Describing the Women’s March organizers as having a “narrow agenda” is ludicrous besides totally uninformed.

As a 67-year-old female I’ve personally felt the discrimination faced by most women. My mother was a real-life “Rosie the Riveter.” Working the shipyards in Sausalito during WWII, mom faced constant challenges including unequal pay treatment and advancement, lack of access to affordable housing and health care, besides enduring sexual harassment and assault.

Throughout her life mom persisted and, as a widow, raised her daughter to: stand up for myself and others; hold those in power accountable; and value a free press. These strengths are desperately needed now in order to protect the rights of mom’s great-granddaughters.

The local Women’s March Movement empowers thousands of women and men. Check the expansive principles at www.womensmarchslo.com.

Ethel Landers, Nipomo