Letters to the Editor

Where was Andrea Seastrand’s respect and professionalism?

Andrea Seastrand
Andrea Seastrand

Regarding Andrea Seastrand’s column, “Supervisor Adam Hill is an embarrassment to SLO County”:

I agree with most of her points, and, despite the fact that I’ve been a friend and supporter of Adam’s for many years, I, too, am disappointed with some of his antics and attitude. But this, coming from Seastrand, is in my opinion, deep hypocrisy.

To wit: “When I was privileged to represent San Luis Obispo County in Congress, I knew how important it was to always carry out my role in a respectful and professional way.”

Yet, I remember with clarity the vile ads Seastrand ran against Walter Capps in a losing campaign. In particular, ads that focused on the killer of 12-year-old Polly Klass were racist in a “Willie Horton” way, and they were pernicious. And in that campaign, Seastrand was the incumbent. Where was that respect and professionalism?

And where is she on Donald Trump? Is she going to speak out against him, too? Or will she remain complicit in her silence?

Mark Burnes, Pismo Beach