Letters to the Editor

Cyclists should pay registration fees

This is in response to Mr. Davis’ letter regarding sharing the road with cyclists (“Tips on sharing the road with cyclists,” Oct. 21). Cyclists may pay taxes just like automobile drivers, but they are not paying the overinflated vehicle registration fees automobile owners do. Maybe the expensive signs along the roads that state we should share the road, should say “share the cost of the road.”

I think it would be more than fair for the cyclists to pay $75 registration every year to ride the highways to help pay the expense of the bike paths and signs. My registration has gone up $10 for my truck, motorcycle and family car. Then I hear registration will be raised another $25 in 2018.

Mr. Davis states a cyclist “owns” the road from the right shoulder to the center line. How can you possibly “own” something you don’t pay for? That’s about as brassy as undocumented residents in this country demanding equal rights. Ante up, cyclists, or stay off the roads.

Joe Naylor, Arroyo Grande