Letters to the Editor

Steep hills of Nipomo Mesa are no place for bicyclists

To all of the bicyclists who seriously risk their lives by riding up and down the Nipomo Mesa hills: Please stop!

You are not only selfishly risking your own lives, but also those of the unsuspecting drivers who would never in their wildest dreams think that rational human beings would suddenly appear around the corner of a sharp, blind turn, on a bicycle, on a very narrow hill with no bike lane, with a steep drop off a cliff.

To add insult to injury, since there are no bike lanes, invariably bicyclists stick out into the car lane and drivers must swerve to avoid them.

Certainly, there are other safer roads and hills in our county where a bicyclist can feel challenged and get a great workout.

In early October, a bicyclist in our county was struck and killed by a car, simply because the driver had the early morning sun in his eyes.

You all are one blink away of ending up dead or paralyzed with spinal cord and/or head injuries, etc.

I worked as a rehabilitation nurse with paralyzed patients, so I know of whence I speak.

Please spread the word!

Rita Jensen, Arroyo Grande