Letters to the Editor

Wanted: A political party that’s really for the ‘little guy’

Have you ever thought, “What if we start a new party and dump the Republican and Democratic parties?” We can call this new party the Real American Party, that everyone of any color, creed, religious or ethnic background can join without fear of voter suppression, loss of civil liberties and loss of medical coverage. Where everyone has a say in what our legislators vote on that helps all — not an elite few billionaires.

This current administration is too chaotic and unpredictable and very close to starting WWIII with North Korea. The Republicans and Democrats have been infighting too much and not getting anything done for too long, and it’s about time for a system change for the betterment of America. Let’s make America great and make this change to protect Americans from chaos in Washington, D.C.

Neither party has ever made significant strides for the little guy, but great ones for billionaires and pharmaceutical companies.

Some will scoff at this idea, saying it’s insane talk, but they are usually the ones who have been brainwashed by all the garbage over too many years. Let the brainwashed scoff all they want, it’s their right to do so in America.

Raymond C. Porter, Paso Robles