Letters to the Editor

Closing Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant will cost us in many ways

Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.
Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. Tribune

Anti-nuke folks will be costing PG&E customers more money on their utility bills. PG&E is allowing a minority of fearmongers to force Diablo Canyon to shut down 30 years before its time. The most reliable energy source in the state is being pressured into closure because of an unjustified fear of radiation.

Diablo is the safest source of energy in the state; windmills kill birds, solar panels kill lizards, millions have died from fossil fuel. No one has died from nuclear energy production in the United States. And, Diablo operates 24/7, rain or shine, wind or no wind.

We need Diablo Canyon to keep California green and pollution free. If Diablo closes, the state uses any energy available to keep our lights on. They are manipulating our power grid to allow dirty energy to flow into California from coal-fired power plants around the country. Coal and natural gas are carbon dioxide emitters, unlike Diablo’s CO2-free power.

Diablo Canyon keeps California on a clean-energy trajectory. Ratepayers in California should demand that Diablo remain open, providing the cleanest energy in the state. It is a public utility and the public should decide, with a referendum, if they want to pay higher utility costs to close it. Let the majority decide.

David Deick, Atascadero