Letters to the Editor

Republican Party earns an ‘F’ for lack of support for Trump

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell New York Times

The Sept. 11 critique of President Trump by local GOP apparatchiks is almost laughable (“SLO County Republican leaders knock Trump’s flaws. But they’re still rooting for him,” Sept. 11).

Since the beginning, the apoplectic, spittle-flying left, including the Democratic Party, the media (one and the same, really), academia and fellow travelers, the Hollywood establishment and an assorted variety of unhinged characters have done everything in their power to destroy this president.

Not far behind, the Republican Party has shown open hostility and personal animus to this president and his agenda (partly because he isn’t “Jeb!” or some other Washington insider). Any legislative failure of this administration can be laid directly at the feet of the two self-serving buffoons who run the current do-nothing Congress. They’ve made it very clear that the president’s agenda is not theirs.

So while we’re on the subject of grading, we can give these two an “F” for FAIL, along with the entire Republican Party, which has not represented anyone but special interests for the last 30 years. These local “leaders” should ask themselves why the number of registered Republicans has dropped 30 percent since the second Bush term.

The Republican and Democratic parties are just two opposite wings on the same carrion bird flying in the wrong direction.

Riley McInnis, Atascadero