Letters to the Editor

It’s time for the left to give Donald Trump a chance

Donald Trump
Donald Trump AP photo

In response to the Saturday, Aug. 12 letter from Jim Griffin ( “Donald Trump doesn’t deserve more chances”): I say let’s look at facts and not name call.

You say the Electoral College is an elitist abomination. Without it, the high-population cities could control the outcome of an election. There would be no campaigning in smaller cities.

You say he got votes because he lies, smears and is racist. Again there is a lot of name-calling, but no facts. He never deleted thousands of emails. He never said if you like your health care you can keep it. He never said it was because of a video.

And lastly, you say to resist, and you compare Trump and his supporters to the Nazi movement. All Trump rallies are uplifting, with a theme of hope for all American citizens. Never any law-breaking, and always happy events, while most of the far-left rallies have thugs with their faces covered while rioting and breaking the law.

I know I am not the only one getting really tried of crazy left talk. So I will repeat what any reasonable person would think: Give Trump a chance, if you don’t like where we are at in four years, vote him out.

Frank Roza, Atascadero