Letters to the Editor

Want more housing in San Luis Obispo? Shame on you!

A San Luis Obispo home.
A San Luis Obispo home. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Shame on the Tribune Editorial Board (“There’s a ridiculous shortage of homes in SLO,” July 16), shame on the city staff, shame on the City Council.

Who says San Luis Obispo needs more homes? There is no guaranteed right to live beyond one’s means. Has Beverly Hills turned the estates of the wealthy into congested housing tracts to accommodate those of lesser means?

Does anyone really think this raid on SLO by developers and speculators is being done to benefit the city? Get real. Slow-growth regulations were adopted precisely to prevent such degradation, and they have been highly successful.

Does anyone think that SLO would be the country’s “happiest city” if these regulations had not been adopted? It’s not too late to defend the city. Join Residents for Quality Neighborhoods, or Save Our Downtown, or organize your own neighborhood. Demand the grand jury investigate the workings of a city staff that ignores the General Plan and regulations they find inconvenient for their purpose, and a City Council too timid to challenge them.

Ken Schwartz (Letters, July 25) said it best: “Get your ire up!”

William Cochran, San Luis Obispo