Letters to the Editor

Andrew Holland’s father calls on Sheriff Parkinson to resign

My name is Carty. I’m the father of Andrew Holland, who was tortured for 46 hours in a restraint chair in San Luis Obispo County jail under the “protection” of Sheriff Ian Parkinson.

Just hours after my son’s death, Sheriff Parkinson admitted it was his decision to place Andrew in the restraint chair. He said he followed proper protocol, and that he was solely responsible for the decision to place him in the chair.

In my opinion, that conversation was the long version of “the buck stops here.” I am not sure Mr. Parkinson knew the accountability he was accepting at the time of the meeting. After six months of study, however, I’m quite sure he’s now aware.

Instead of stepping up, he’s still clinging to the fabrication that “all protocols” were followed. This is a frightening position for the mentally ill in our county, and it’s this type of mentality that opens the door for draconian treatment of inmates. It also puts the county at high risk for the potential cost of covering for his lack of leadership.

I’m asking for Sheriff Ian Parkinson to resign. It’s the right thing to do!

Carty Holland, Atascadero