Letters to the Editor

The Tribune Editorial Board is dead wrong to support SLO housing projects

As former mayor of SLO, I write to express my strong opposition to the views of The Tribune Editorial Board, who would add 1,300 new homes to our city in one fell swoop (“There’s a ridiculous shortage of homes in SLO. These projects would help,” July 16.) The board seems to have forgotten that after years of unregulated growth, SLO citizens rose up and demanded their council adopt growth regulations, which it did limiting growth of new residential units to 1 percent per year with no carryover into succeeding years.​

Why? Our citizens had watched the destruction of once beautiful and livable communities to the growth craze of developers. City residents did not want this to happen here. And it hasn’t. And it mustn’t. The Editorial Board is dead wrong.

Housing costs too much because landowners ask too much for their land and out-of-town developers are stupidly willing to pay these exorbitant land costs for land without water resources. Unfortunately, certain council members seem willing to provide city water to satisfy this insatiable appetite. The consequences will lead to the destruction of the SLO good life.

Permanent residents need to get their ire up.

Ken Schwartz, San Luis Obispo

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