Letters to the Editor

Stop the cult of nuclear opposition

The view of Diablo Canyon (2007) from about a mile out.
The view of Diablo Canyon (2007) from about a mile out. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

South Korea has elected a liberal president. Expressing the left’s tribal belief, he wants to cut nuclear power.

But if he cares about safety, he should be for 100 percent nuclear power.

Nuclear reactors save lives, according to leading American environmental scientist James Hansen of Columbia University. Burning fossil fuels kills 3 million people worldwide each year, according to the International Energy Agency.

Extreme nuclear accidents exist only in movies and imaginations of an anti-nuclear cult.

Fukushima and Three Mile Island harmed no one, according to the expert U.N. UNSCEAR committee. Six firefighters who dealt with the initial fires at Chernoybyl received radiation doses that resulted in their deaths.

Some Chernobyl residents ignored the evacuation order and suffered no harmful consequences to this day. Wildlife is thriving, according to a PBS’ “Nature” program.

One last proof that fears of the anti-nuclear cult are bogus is the U.S Navy. Tens of thousands of sailors have served since 1955 on ships with powerful reactors without one casualty.

If carbon emissions aren’t stopped, that will kill humans in the billions, possibly including our grandchildren.

Like France, nations should get on nuclear power — and quickly.

Stop the real anti-environmentalists — the cult of the nuclear opposition.

William Gloege, Santa Maria