Letters to the Editor

Vote to save San Luis Obispo rent control for low-income citizens

The San Luis Obispo City Council.
The San Luis Obispo City Council.

From the top of government to the lower levels, it seems like the thing to do is to hurt seniors and people of less means. Why? Is the United States in ethnic cleansing?

Health care is in chaos, and now at our level in San Luis Obispo, we have to vote to save our rent control from the greed mindset. Not keeping rent control means that seniors and others who live in lower cost mobile homes will be forced on the street. Example: An 83-year-old living on Social Security of a little over $1,000 a month will see their property rent zoom to the figure of their income.

Somewhere all of this has to end.

Please vote NO on abandoning rent control. It’s all some of us have!

Ruth Starr, San Luis Obispo