Letters to the Editor

Tribune hits a home run with local content in Sunday paper

The Tribune newsroom.
The Tribune newsroom.

On Sunday (June 25) your paper hit a home run. Front-page news about local Shanley Farms made me immediately jump online and buy four packages of finger limes. You had great reporting on CSDs and governance options. Then, there was an interesting article about kids learning about cyberterrorism and a shoutout to another local business who provided the cars (Ranchi Grande Motors).

Next, I learned we didn’t have regular postal service until the 1850s due to missing election results, and what Tommy Gong may be doing to modernize our voting . And finally, you handed me the perfect plan for my son’s 17th birthday weekend with Top 8 Silicon Valley Geek Hotspots.

I couldn’t have had this experience finding all these local things digitally on my own with any efficiency. Thank you for a great hometown paper this week. You crushed it!

Caren Ray, Arroyo Grande