Letters to the Editor

Andrea Seastrand forgets to mention Russia’s communism antics

Andrea Seastrand
Andrea Seastrand

After reading Ms. Seastrands viewpoint excoriating Rep. Rob Bonta’s bill about allowing communists to work in state government (“California’s liberal Legislature voted for communism”), I had a few questions for her.

She listed many current regimes that have horrible records in the past and even now. Why didn’t she mention by name the obvious country on the list? The country being run by a former KGB head. Here, I’ll say it for you: RUSSIA. Why would she fail to mention the country that has been proven to have tried to interfere with our election? The country that is responsible for the annihilation and starvation of millions of people under Lenin and Stalin. The country that now persecutes gay citizens as government policy, and is the main support for Assad in Syria and other dictatorial regimes in Asia.

I think I know why. She is in lock-step with her president, who has thus far not uttered any negative opinions about Putin, the oligarchs, or the cyberhacking of our election. She committed a glaring and telling omission.

Bob Marquardt, Morro Bay