Letters to the Editor

We aren’t ‘San Louie,’ but we aren’t ‘SLO,’ either

Chorro Street in San Luis Obispo.
Chorro Street in San Luis Obispo. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

What to call our city? Thanks for the editorial reminder that we’re definitely not “Louie” (“Setting the record straight on SLO County,” June 3). But I haven’t heard that in years. You must know a lot of new folks. The last time I can remember hearing it was from a candidate for governor who came to town 40-some years ago to tell us how much he cared about us.

“Call it SLO,” your photo caption said. Ouch. Surely you meant to say it should be pronounced as single letters, right? As “S.L.O.,” not as a word. You folks on the editorial board must not have been here long enough to know that saying “SLO” as a word is, to a lot of us, just as grating as “Louie.” Lost cause, perhaps, but one must try. (“SLO Transit” as two words? Excusable, even loveable, for its mild humor and irony.)

Yes, we do need all three full words when we’re explaining ourselves to someone from another planet, such as Kansas or Palm Springs. But you never managed to mention what I and most of the people I know usually call us: “San Luis.” Even conductors on the Surfliner know what we mean. So how about it. Just “San Luis.” Anybody?

Bob Anderson, San Luis Obispo

The video for San Luis Obispo’s tourism campaign, produced by BCA and Peregrine Media Group, features favorite activities in and around the city, set to the music of Moonshiner Collective. The video, part of the city’s complete branding makeover, recently won best of show at the American Advertising Awards for the Central Coast region. The city’s tourism efforts also won best overall marketing campaign, against much bigger competition, at the California Office of Tourism Poppy Awards.