Letters to the Editor

California should protect people and water from oil industry


State oil regulators are asking the federal EPA to sacrifice a protected underground water source from the Safe Drinking Water Act in order to use it as a place to dump toxic oil waste. This is happening in our community — Price Canyon — and we don’t know how it will impact our underground water resources. To access the oil, the company uses enormous amounts of water and injects polluted wastewater back into the ground.

After only one good year of rain, we’re going to need that groundwater in the future, and it’s going to become increasingly valuable. For the state to rubber-stamp applications to give away that groundwater to the oil industry is shortsighted.

State legislators and Gov. Jerry Brown must consider human health and safety and the potential contamination threats to nearby drinking water wells. They must protect the water supplies of people living near the oil field.

We encourage everyone who supports the right to clean water to come to the hearing and rally starting at 8 a.m. on June 14 at the SLO Courthouse.

ECOSLO supports the clean water rights of the public and future generations over the short-term profits of an oil company.

Melody DeMeritt, ECOSLO board chair, and Bill Bradlee, ECOSLO advocacy chair