Letters to the Editor

Clinton passed the blame for her defeat. Here’s why she really lost the election.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks in New York in April.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks in New York in April. Associated Press file

After reading accounts of Hillary Clinton’s interview on why she lost the election, she’s still in denial. Blaming the FBI director and WikiLeaks for her defeat on the brink of her “imminent victory” could not be further from the truth.

Here are the real reasons why she lost:

▪  She failed to realize that WikiLeaks simply told the truth about how she and her party were manipulating the election. It was that truth that hurt her.

▪  In what was the biggest anti-establishment race in history, her 25 years in the public eye made her the face of the establishment. The nation was suffering from Hillary and Obama fatigue.

▪  Rather than appealing to working people, she devoted her energy to courting Hollywood plutocrats and limousine liberals, costing her the Rust Belt.

▪  Bernie Sanders captured the imagination of anti-establishment liberals. Hillary captured none.

▪  Despite all his faults, her maverick opponent successfully tapped into public sentiment that the pendulum had swung too far to the left.

▪  Last but not least, her arrogance didn’t help.

Until Hillary and her party quit deluding themselves, they will continue their unfortunate slide toward irrelevance.

T. Keith Gurnee, San Luis Obispo