Letters to the Editor

David Crosby left much to be desired

David Crosby performs October 27, 2013, in Mountain View.
David Crosby performs October 27, 2013, in Mountain View. Invision/The Associated Press

It started out with a beautiful, multicolored sunset. The wind died down nicely, and the stage was set for what was supposed to be a wonderful two hours with a legendary local superstar.

My wife and I, joined by two close friends, were all road-ready for a nostalgic “déjà vu” evening, fully anticipating the wonderful tunes of yesteryear, such as “Wooden Ships,” “Teach Your Children,” “Helpless,” “Southern Cross,” “Carry On,” “Ohio” and the like. But to our surprise and amazement, that never happened.

Instead, we were all subjected to David Crosby’s new creations from “Lighthouse,” which (honestly) were pleasant but not that good and certainly not what we came to hear. In over two hours, Crosby played only one oldie (“Long Time Gone”), which was so well-received it resulted in a standing ovation. (There’s a clue, David.)

In the end, this concert was singularly the worst I’ve attended in 35 years. And I can promise you everyone around me in about a three-fourths filled amphitheater all felt the same way. It was awful. How is it even possible that Crosby would deny several thousand people the pleasures of listening to the music they came to hear? Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

Brent Jorgensen, Pismo Beach