Letters to the Editor

California should continue its Zero Emission Vehicle program

Electric vehicles charging at Intuit in Mountain View on Oct. 1, 2015.
Electric vehicles charging at Intuit in Mountain View on Oct. 1, 2015. New York Times file

Last year, I leased an electric car. I live in a condo and installed a level 2 charging station. My ability to do so was very much enhanced by state and federal government programs to encourage electric vehicle ownership.

It is obvious that electric vehicles are the future of surface transportation. Except for current battery technology, everything else about electric vehicles is superior to the internal combustion engine. And it is clear that battery development is proceeding at a rapid pace. The only question to my mind is whose interests are served by not encouraging electric vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers are reluctant because they will need to do a lot of re-engineering, although several have decided to pursue electric vehicles regardless. The largest center of resistance is the fossil fuel industry, which faces an existential crisis by refusing a change to renewable energy. They have decided over the past 10 years to double down on fossil fuels rather than shift the business model to renewables, which makes future resistance inevitable.

California will need to counter this opposition with a strong, continuing Zero Emission Vehicle program.

Michael Swan, Atascadero