Letters to the Editor

Joe Tarica ignores all the hate coming from ‘progressives’


Joetopia asks what has made people so angry that they would make comments like the ones he quoted. But ever the liberal, Joe, you failed to quote some examples of the most offensive statements made by the left. A biased press is a perfect example of why the rage exists. Let me provide some examples of hate from “progressives” and the left.

Madonna, seemingly adopted as a spokesperson at the Women’s March (though she makes a living promoting videos sexually degrading women), thoughtlessly encourages the public to “blow up the White House.” Misguided Madeleine Albright bullies women into voting for a questionable presidential candidate by saying, “There is a special place in hell for women who do not support other women.” Liberal professors like Melissa Harris Perry promote hate on college campuses daily while parents encourage children to smash piñatas of our elected president. Why did you not comment on this hatred coming from the left?

The hypocritical antics of “progressives,” the blatant disregard for our constitutional laws by our political leaders, and a biased press have finally lit the fire of hate. Yes, sadly civility is becoming a lost art, but so is the truth.

Michele Norwood, Arroyo Grande