Letters to the Editor

Thanks to SLO business that have electric vehicle charging stations

One of the 12 electric vehicle charging stations at Cal Poly.
One of the 12 electric vehicle charging stations at Cal Poly. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

Thank you to the businesses and government agencies in San Luis Obispo that provide charging stations for electric vehicles. I recently gave up my gasoline car for a clean, quiet, nonpolluting plug-in electric car, because it is a scientifically accepted fact that CO2 from burning fossil fuels, such as gasoline, is the No. 1 factor causing changes to our climate (American Meteorological Society).

After searching online, I was pleased to find a listing of electric vehicle charging locations in parking lots at businesses throughout the city. These companies, stores and agencies are looking to the future. The number of electric vehicles on the road is growing, and as more people become concerned about the impacts of climate change on the natural environment, their health, the economy and national security, that number will surely increase.

Now I choose to shop and conduct business where I can charge my car battery at the same time. Hopefully more company and store owners, developers and city planners will realize that providing electric vehicle charging stations is good for business, good for tourism and good for the environment.

Karen Wiles, San Luis Obispo