Letters to the Editor

Tribune attempt to represent conservatives falls short of balance

Victor Davis Hanson
Victor Davis Hanson

Attempts by The Tribune to “ensure that conservative views are represented” is a good idea in order for readers to hear views from many perspectives (“We’re taking steps to offer more conservative voices for our readers,” Feb. 18). An “A” for attempt. But the editor could not resist reflecting her bias by reporting that one reader had already called conservative Victor Davis Hanson a hatemonger “with a fascist-like spiel” (which may or may not be factual). She “balanced” that hateful comment by saying that some readers even complained that Leonard Pitts and Paul Krugman are too liberal. Doesn’t sound balanced to me.

How about writing that Hanson is just too conservative, or including more descriptive comments that I am sure Pitts and Krugman have received over the years?

Steve Williams, Atascadero