Letters to the Editor

Time to holster the pitchforks in San Luis Obispo politics

I am a business owner in San Luis Obispo and have three kids at home, which has never left me much time to actively engage in politics. While I have always voted, I have only recently participated in the public hearing process. I was shocked to learn that during public hearings, many in the public use the opportunity to attack, insult and harass applicants, staff and the public review body who are tasked with making a decision for the betterment of our community.

I have noticed that the negativity often carries through on these pages. For that reason, I am writing in to support our new mayor, City Council and city staff. I would like to counter the “only write in when you are mad” and “get out the pitchfork” movements by stating my support for our public servants. I hope this may inspire others to do the same and to change the tone of the conversation.

Mayor Heidi Harmon, City Council and hardworking city staff: Please keep up the good work! Regardless of what the angry mob may say (in hearings and on these pages), the majority of us still supports you and respects your contributions.

Danny Sullivan, San Luis Obispo