Letters to the Editor

The Tribune shouldn’t give space to fascist-like right-wingers

I was horrified to see Victor Davis Hanson contributing a piece to The Tribune on Feb. 6 (“When normalcy is actually revolution”). This man is a hatemonger. I have seen him live in Fresno and sat mouth agape at his fascist-like spiel. Whether those who voted for this president believe it or not, the right-wing stance that we are now witnessing in this country is scary.

In 1939 in Europe, we had a funny wee man who was outrageously outspoken. He was both laughed at and feared. He had a plan to make Germany great again. In order to do that, he surrounded himself with thugs who could achieve his final solution dream. Six million Jewish people and other dead are not laughing. Countries and others who, at the beginning, did not believe this ranting were complicit in slaughter. We all need to stop being complicit.

The Tribune has a right to offer free speech; however, I implore you to choose contributors wisely.

Theresa Murphy Bachoc, Paso Robles