Letters to the Editor

California wants to secede? Let’s put it to a vote already

I read an article that says the state of California has renewed an effort to secede from the union. Even though such efforts have previously failed, I relish the opportunity to see what California voters decide. It would also be interesting to see who is allowed to vote. I would put money on undocumented immigrants either getting a waiver or otherwise being permitted to vote.

Personally, even though I’ve spent nearly half my life in this state, I hope voters decide to secede. The ramifications for this state will be enormous, as people and businesses flee back over to the USA and a flood of new people from the south pour in. Yes, I would miss the California coast and temperate weather, but it would be a small sacrifice to ensure I remain under the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.

Marcus Evans, vice president of Yes California told the Los Angeles Times, “America already hates California, and America votes on emotions … I think we’d have the votes today if we held it.”

Well then, let’s vote!

Mr. Trump, get ready to expand the border wall to the 1,000 miles or so between the new Californexico and Oregon, Nevada and Arizona.

Ed Bogusch, Atascadero