Letters to the Editor

Two resolutions to create some happiness in a tough world

With today’s anxious consternation about politics, let me share two resolutions for 2017 guaranteed to provide happiness — one difficult, one easy.

First, the difficult: Attach yourself to a 3-year-old granddaughter (a grandson is a good second option), and when she/he smiles and says “C’mon, let’s go!” make sure you go, regardless of consequences.

Second, the easy: Find out about and assist some local outfit committed to the reduction of heartache and suffering. My own preferences are NAMI SLOCO (National Alliance on Mental Illness, San Luis Obispo County) and T-MHA (Transitions-Mental Health Association on High Street in San Luis Obispo).

News of horrific terrorist attacks, legislative antagonisms, global conflicts and governmental skulduggeries at all levels will have a muted effect when you see and experience good, talented individuals working diligently to alleviate the suffering of those within their reach.

If you cannot meet both resolutions fully, strive to achieve them the best you can. “C’mon, let’s go!”

Dan Biezad, San Luis Obispo