Letters to the Editor

Electoral College is outdated and should be discarded

Mr. Braun is wrong in principle and wrong on the facts (“The Electoral College is still relevant,” Jan. 9). The Founding Fathers intended our bicameral legislature, with the Senate having equal representation for all states, to be the safeguard of domination by the more populous states. The Electoral College was a compromise between the president being elected by Congress (deemed even then to be dangerous) versus by popular vote of “qualified” citizens.

In those days, even the Fathers did not believe everyone had the proper wisdom to be given the vote. The Electoral College was also a sop to the South, because suffrage did not exist to the same extent in that region (read: slavery).

The Electoral College has been an outmoded system for a very long time and should be discarded by a constitutional amendment. One person, one vote, period. All votes equal. And what is wrong with “large population and big-city interests” holding sway? If more people freely choose to live in such cities and states, why shouldn’t their interests be equally protected?

Joe Whitaker, Arroyo Grande