Letters to the Editor

Throw conservative Tribune readers a crumb with new columnists

The Tribune printing press circa 1885.
The Tribune printing press circa 1885.

We’ve been sorry to learn that The Tribune is due to be even smaller in content in the future, more local, less national, etc. Some mornings it barely takes 20 minutes to read the parts that interest us, and we know more friends who are now canceling your paper, and subscribing to The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal.

Jan. 15’s Opinion section, with columnists Leonard Pitts, Tom Fulks, Michael Gerson, and two pages of Barack Obama’s legacy, went unread straight to the recycle bin. The letters to the editor are overwhelmingly Democratic, though our county is increasingly balanced.

Could you throw us conservatives a crumb, by adding columnists to the right of Paul Krugman, Pitts, Gail Collins, etc.? Could we have Victor Davis Hanson again? And how about Opinion columns from the Wall Street Journal?

Please give us a reason to keep subscribing and reading.

Will and Sue Perry, Morro Bay