Letters to the Editor

Hope’s Village is the right idea, but it needs its own land

The inside of a tiny home in November 2016.
The inside of a tiny home in November 2016. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Hope’s Village is absolutely the right idea in the right time and place. But you are the news source for SLO County, so you have to ask why it hasn’t happened in all the years the homeless situation has gotten worse and Hope’s Village has proposed doing something about it.

The leadership of this project has conceived and started this wonderful effort, but it has been seduced by an unsound notion that someone will give them the land or loan it to them.

Hope’s Village needs to purchase and own its land. The potential for law enforcement involvement when housing the homeless will always be present, so Hope’s Village can’t be built on borrowed land. It’s too risky, and nobody is stepping to the plate with an offer, anyway. As an ex-SLO County resident and ex-board member of Hope’s Village, I hope the community steps up and helps get HV built. It will absolutely work, and it is something we all will be proud of.

Mark Salwasser, Gloucester, Massachusetts