Letters to the Editor

Atheists United stands with those threatened by religious intolerance

President-elect Donald Trump.
President-elect Donald Trump. Associated Press

An open letter to our community from Atheists United:

Atheists United SLO is a local nonpartisan organization dedicated to the separation of church and state and to defending anyone in our community threatened by religious intolerance.

The words and deeds of President-elect Donald Trump during his campaign have caused concern among millions of Americans who value the separation of government from religion. From policies targeting religious minorities, to selecting a vice president opposed to gay rights on religious grounds, to pledges to appoint Supreme Court justices who would set back the rights of women under the guise of “religious liberty,” Mr. Trump is at odds with the majority of Americans and with true religious freedom.

To anyone whose status as an equal member of our community is threatened by religious discrimination, know this: Atheists United stands with you.

David Leidner, San Luis Obispo