Pismo Beach mayor deserves to be re-elected

Shelly Higginbotham
Shelly Higginbotham jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

Controversy over development of Price Canyon has been the dominant issue in the race for Pismo Beach mayor and City Council.

Mayor Shelly Higginbotham opposes a measure that would require voter approval of major developments proposed for Price Canyon; her opponent supports it.

Citizens have legitimate concerns about water and traffic issues associated with the development of Price Canyon. However, we urge voters not to base their choice for mayor on this single issue, but to consider the candidates’ breadth of experience and knowledge of all the issues.

When that test is applied, Shelly Higginbotham is the clear choice. Of the two candidates, she has far more political experience, institutional knowledge and proven leadership ability.

Her opponent, Kevin Kreowski, has an admirable concern for and commitment to the community, but we believe his lack of political experience would make it extremely difficult for him to step directly into the top leadership position.

Higginbotham, on the other hand, knows the city and its issues, has experience working with other government agencies and elected bodies and is a skilled ambassador for Pismo Beach.

We like her focus on longterm city improvements. A few recent examples: Under the mayor’s leadership, the city accepted the donation of the Chapman House — a landmark estate in Shell Beach that will be a public treasure for generations come; it moved forward with plans to improve and beautify the downtown; and it donated $900,000 toward the acquisition of the Pismo Preserve.

We’re impressed, too, with her commitment to improving homeless ser vices in South County. She serves as president of the board of directors of the 5 Cities Homeless Coalition, and is working with the Pismo Beach police chief to identify a location in the city that could accommodate the People’s Kitchen. Grover Beach had been hosting People’s Kitchen — which provided a daily hot meal to the homeless — for many years, and we’re glad to hear that Pismo Beach may be stepping up for aturn.

We believe Higginbotham has been an effective leader and deserves another term. The Tribune strongly endorses Mayor Shelly Higginbotham for re-election.