Be sure to vote in the June 3 primary

If you aren’t registered to vote in the June 3 primary in San Luis Obispo County, it’s not too late — but you’ll have to act quickly. Monday is the final day to register; voter registration forms must be postmarked or received at the county Clerk-Recorder’s Office by Monday in order for you to be eligible to vote in the primary.

Forms are available at several locations, including post offices, city halls, utility offices, banks, the DMV and at clerkrecorder offices in San Luis Obispo and Atascadero. There is an after-hours drop slot for election forms outside the Monterey Street doors of the San Luis Obispo office. Registration forms also are available there.

Or, register online at http://www.slovote.com. Whatever you do, do not miss this opportunity to vote.

This may be a primary election, but at least two races — Morro Bay mayor and 2nd District supervisor — will be decided, since there are only two candidates running in each contest. The district attorney’s race — in which the third candidate is running as a write-in — may be decided as well.

For those who are weighing the pros and cons of the candidates, here is a recap of our endorsements:

District Attorney: Tim Covello

We found Covello, the assistant district attorney and a 21-year veteran of the office, to be experienced in all phases of running the District Attorney’s Office. An exceptional trial attorney, he’s handled complicated cases, including multi-defendant murder trials and death penalty cases. He also has experience in budgeting, supervision and all other facets of administration.

2nd District Supervisor: Bruce Gibson

Gibson, a two-term incumbent, is smart, hard-working and he goes to bat for his constituents, as we saw in the Highway 1 chip-sealing fiasco. At the same time, he knows when to compromise and he always has the long-term future of the county in his sights; for example, he was among the first to sound the alarm about the Paso Robles groundwater basin crisis.

4th District Supervisor: Caren Ray

Governor Brown appointed Caren Ray to replace the late Paul Teixeira on the Board of Supervisors. We believe the governor made an excellent choice. Ray has been a quick study and she’s shown herself to be an independent and analytical thinker who examines issues from all sides. We’ve been especially impressed by her commitment to workforce housing and, if elected to a full term, we believe she would be an excellent advocate for that critically important issue.

Morro Bay Mayor: Jamie Irons

Jamie Irons is committed to moving the city of Morro Bay forward on many fronts: finding the best location for a new sewer plant; invigorating the waterfront area; and finding reliable sources of additional water. We admire his ability to remain professional in the face of criticism, as well as his commitment to increased transparency.

Morro Bay City Council: John Headding and Matthew W. Makowetski

Both candidates would bring energy, vision and a new perspective to the Morro Bay City Council. They have extensive knowledge and experience. Makowetski, a teacher and fourth-generation Morro Bay resident, has served on the Public Works Advisory Board for six years. He is a big proponent of long-term planning, which is critical at this stage in Morro Bay’s development. Headding’s experience in running businesses —- both small and large — and his concern for the city’s fiscal future are exactly what Morro Bay needs.