Level heads keep Morro Bay mayor recall effort at bay

We congratulate the voters of Morro Bay who had the good sense to decline to sign petitions seeking the recall of Mayor Jamie Irons.

To qualify the recall for the ballot, the backers of the drive needed 1,754 signatures of registered voters. The group — Morro Bay Forward — collected about 1,600 signatures, according to its secretary, Bill Peirce.

He blamed the failure of the recall on the time of year.

“We were faced with darkness coming on earlier in the day and the Christmas holiday period when a lot of people were out of town,” he told The Tribune.

Please. If voters had been that anxious to fire their mayor, they would have sought out the petitions. This was a ridiculous effort from the get-go, since Irons is already coming up for re-election this year. On top of that, the amount of misleading information disseminated by the recall group was shameful.

The mayor still has a challenge ahead of him — he’s already announced that he’ll seek re-election — but at least he can move forward without the cloud of a silly recall over his head.