Take this end-of-the-year SLO County news quiz to see how well you paid attention in 2013

Before we say goodbye to 2013, we invite you to test your knowledge of SLO County events of the past 12 months by taking our SLO Moments in Recent History Quiz. Score one point for each correct response; two points for each correct answer to bonus questions.

1. During the Mid-State Fair, a carnival game operator was fined for giving away:

A) Counterfeit John Mayer tickets

B) Fried pickles

C) Undersized turtles

D) Paso Robles groundwater

2. In November, the city of San Luis Obispo passed new rules for:

A) Oprah Winfrey film crews

B) Tattoo parlors

C) Food trucks

D) Unsightly garbage cans

3. Which three cities welcomed new council members in 2013 to fill vacant seats?

A) Morro Bay, SLO and Grover Beach

B) Grover Beach, Atascadero and Pismo Beach

C) Paso Robles, Pismo Beach and Morro Bay

D) Grover Beach, Arroyo Grande and SLO

Bonus question: Name the new council members

4. Which public office has Abel Maldonado NOT held:

A) State Assemblyman

B) Mayor of Santa Maria

C) Lieutenant Governor

D) State Senator

E) Santa Maria City Council member

F) None of the above

Bonus question: What office is Maldonado currently seeking?

5. What turned 100 in 2013?

A) The Tribune

B) The Pismo Beach Price House

C) Atascadero

D) Paso Robles

Bonus question: Put all four answers in correct chronological order, youngest to oldest.

6. Water was a big issue in:

A) Nipomo

B) Cambria

C) California

D) The Paso Robles Groundwater Basin

E) All of the above

7. A fish die-off caused a stink at:

A) Pismo Beach

B) Atascadero Lake

C) Oso Flaco Lake

D) Nacimiento Lake

8. In August, the city of Paso Robles tweaked its rules for:

A) Massage parlors

B) Noise levels at the Mid-State Fair

C) Walking dogs in city parks

D) Tasting rooms

9. What was stolen from Arroyo Grande police Chief Steve Annibali’s car?

A) A gun, ammunition and badge

B) An accordion

C) A police dog

D) Handcuffs

10. Sheriff Ian Parkinson wrote a letter on gun control addressed to:

A) Gov. Jerry Brown

B) Vice President Joe Biden

C) The National Rifle Association

D) The producers of “Duck Dynasty”

11. What is a panga?

A) A relative of the panda bear

B) A tropical fruit

C) A designer handbag

D) A type of boat that’s been used to smuggle drugs

12. The city of SLO created a controversy when it decided to crack down on:

A) Faded store awnings

B) Home owners who occasionally rent out spare bedrooms to travelers

C) Feeding stray cats

D) Plastic lawn chairs (unless they are properly shielded from public view)

Bonus question: How was the issue settled?

Who said what?

We give you the quote, and you tell us who said it. Hint: A name or two may be repeated.

Bonus: Give some context for the quote.

A) “This is generally not useful and boorish in content. If you want to engage San Luis Obispo in a conversation, you’ve got to be a little savvier than this.”

B) “I have a habit of making flippant remarks, and it’s not a good thing to do. I hope people know that I don’t want people dying.”

C) “We are very pleased to move clear to a warning and have bypassed probation.”

D) “I am always wary of outside efforts designed to create homogeny and convince our community to surrender local control to some global organization.”

E) “I have pledged to be mellower and less combative, and it’s incumbent on me to do that.”

F) “Obviously, this was not a university-sponsored event.”

G) “The surface roughness will continue to smooth over time.”

H) “I think I did the costume thing only to get to the sugar. ... And as an adult (chronologically, at least), I haven’t really done costumes — being a supervisor is apparently scary enough.”

I) “How many lawyers are we going to have?”

J) “It is nothing unique to the county, and it is most common in hotel or motel situations where people might bring them in, they reproduce and feed on the next occupant.”

K) “So everyone is going to do exactly what they want to do except for me?”


Multiple choice: 1) C; 2) C; 3) D: Grover Beach, Glenn Marshall; San Luis Obispo, Carlyn Christianson; Arroyo Grande, Kristen Barneich; 4) F, governor; 5) C, Atascadero (100 years); Price House (120); Paso Robles (124); The Tribune (144); 6) E; 7) D; 8) A; 9) A; 10) B; 11) D; 12) B: The City Council agreed to relax rules to allow some room rentals.

Who said what?

A) SLO City Councilman John Ashbaugh, on a suspect mailer circulated following news of the sale of Dalidio Ranch.

B) Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson, apologizing for aremark she made on a radio talk show while addressing the topic of the Oceano Dunes OHV park.

C) Cuesta College President Gil Stork, following an announcement that the college’s accreditation was no longer in jeopardy.

D) County Supervisor Debbie Arnold, expressing her concern about United Nations Agenda 21, a policy to guide planning in the 21st century.

E) County Supervisor Adam Hill, after being passed over as chair of SLOCOG.

F) Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong, expressing concern about a fraternity party with the theme “Colonial Bros and Nava-Hos.”

G) Caltrans spokesman Jim Shivers, on chip-sealing of Highway 1 north of Cambria.

H) County Supervisor Bruce Gibson, on Halloween.

I) Morro Bay City Councilman George Leage, on controversy surrounding dismissal of the city attorney.

J) County Environmental Health Director Curt Batson, on a bedbug infestation at Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter .

K) Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson, following a council decision not to reappoint her to Air Pollution Control District board.


If you scored 30 or more: Congratulations! You care enormously about your community and/or you have a photographic memory.

If you scored 20-29: Congratulations! You care deeply about your community.

If you scored 10-19: Congratulations! You must lead a full and busy life and yet you still find time to stay somewhat abreast of local events.

If you scored less than 10: Congratulations! You made it to the end of our quiz.