Bouquets and Brickbats: CSU raises student fees, exec’s pay

Bad enough that Cal State University trustees approved a systemwide, 12 percent tuition hike this week. But then they thumbed their noses at CSU students and their families by approving a $400,000 salary for the new San Diego State president at the same meeting. That’s $100,000 more than the outgoing president earned. It’s also $50,000 more than Cal Poly president Jeffrey D. Armstrong earns. He had been the highest paid CSU prez.

Look, we don’t expect university presidents to live like paupers — and we acknowledge that they have extremely important jobs — but isn’t this supposed to be the era of shared sacrifice? Or does that touchy-feely stuff only apply to public employees who are toiling away at lower pay grades?

If it’s any comfort, at least new San Diego State President Elliot Hirshman will actually earn his big fat paychecks — along with perks that include university housing and a $1,000-per-month car allowance.

That’s more than we can say for California’s highest paid employee, Dr. Jeffrey Rohlfing.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Rohlfing, a prison surgeon, took home $777,423 last year, even though he hasn’t been allowed to treat a patient for the past six years due to (alleged) incompetence.

So why hasn’t he been fired?

Well, he has been. But he appealed and was reinstated by the state Personnel Board. It ruled that his exams “may not have been textbook perfect” but that was no reason to fire the poor guy.

So Dr. Rohlfing is earning back pay, along with his $235,740 per-year base salary, for doing paperwork.

Meanwhile, we taxpayers get stuck with the tab. And for that, the state Personnel Board earns a textbook-perfect brickbat.

Arroyo Grande’s great centennial

The city of Arroyo Grande outdid itself at last weekend’s centennial celebration. The parade, the music, the dancing and the fireworks were awesome. One of our favorite touches, though, was the display of historic photos in the windows of downtown buildings. Ditto for the costumed actors who strolled through town, campaigning for — and against — annexation.

We offer organizers of the event a bouquet of 100 heirloom roses — along with extra slices of birthday cake.

Bon voyage to Chuck Liddell

Bummer! Chuck Liddell has actually left the happiest city on Earth — or is it the galaxy? — to move to Southern California?

We haven’t been this depressed since we learned that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt possibly sold their alleged home in Nipomo. For not only has Liddell left us, the former ultimate fighting champ has put his “MTV Cribs”-worthy home on the market, which is a good indication that he’s never, ever coming back.

At least we still have Zac Efron around to give us some TMZ cred — don’t we?

Seriously, Chuck, it’s been a kick.

Good luck with all that Carmaggedon stuff, and let us know where we can send your farewell bouquet.

Flowers for soccer players

SLO County has no shortage of young soccer players, but after the great job by the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, we suspect there will be even more recruits.

We toss red-white-and-blue corsages to Team U.S.A., and a ready-or-not bouquet to local soccer coaches and refs who are in for a busy season.