Editorial: Go forth and vote

With so much emphasis on early absentee voting, it’s easy to overlook the fact that many people still opt to wait until Election Day to vote.

The figures, however, tell the story: This election, the County Clerk’s Office issued 84,000 mail-in ballots, out of 156,704 registered voters. That leaves nearly 73,000 SLO County voters who could potentially go to their neighborhood polling places today to vote.

If you are one of those individuals, please set aside time today to vote.

And if you think that one vote more or less vote won’t make a difference, consider:

The presidential election of 2000 was decided by only 537 votes in the swing state of Florida.

In a 1984 Congressional race in Indiana, Democrat Frank McCloskey was declared the winner by just four votes.

Closer to home, two years ago Duane Picanco defeated Gary Nemeth by just 41 votes.

Bottom line: Your vote does matter.

If you vote by mail and have not yet turned in your ballot, do not put it in the mail. Instead, drop it by the County Elections Office or any polling place in the county. And if you vote in person, drop by your polling place between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. today.

We guarantee that you will not regret taking the time to vote. But you could regret it mightily if you don’t.

Recap of The Tribune’s recommendations:

33rd District Assembly: Hilda Zacarias

4th District county supervisor: Paul Teixiera

San Luis Obispo County sheriff: Ian Parkinson

Arroyo Grande mayor: Tony Ferrara

Arroyo Grande City Council: Joe Costello and Tim Brown

Atascadero City Council: Brian Sturtevant and Tom O’Malley

Measure E-10, direct election of Atascadero mayor: Yes

Length of term for mayor: Four years

Grover Beach: No contested races for mayor or council

Morro Bay mayor: Bill Yates

Morro Bay City Council: Nancy Johnson and Jack Smith

Paso Robles mayor: Duane Picanco

Paso Robles City Council: John Hamon and Ed Steinbeck

Pismo Beach mayor: Shelly Higginbotham

Pismo Beach City Council: No contested races

San Luis Obispo mayor: Jan Howell Marx

San Luis Obispo City Council: Andrew Carter and Kathy Smith

Measure H, the initiative to stop Prado Road extension: No

Atascadero Unified School District: Donn Clickard, George Dodge, Tami Gunther and Kenneth Block (write-in candidate)

Atascadero School District Measure I-10: Yes

Lucia Mar Unified School District: Area 2: Colleen Martin and Cathy SpringfordArea 3: The Tribune has serious reservations about both candidates running in Trustee Area 3 and declined to make an endorsement in that race.

Paso Robles Unified School District: Jeanne Dugger, W. Jay Packer, Field Gibson

San Luis Coastal Unified School District: Kathryn Rogers and Marilyn Rodger