Editorial: Cast votes for Steinbeck, Hamon

Ed Steinbeck was appointed to the City Council two years ago to fill the vacancy created when Duane Picanco was elected mayor. Steinbeck’s combination of government and private sector experience made him an excellent fit, and we believe he deserves a full four-year term.

We’re especially impressed with Steinbeck’s knowledge and experience in the areas of planning and development. He has a degree in city and regional planning from Cal Poly and was planning and building director for the city of Sonoma for many years. He also served on the Paso Robles Planning Commission prior to his appointment to the council.

We also found him to be astute on budget issues. Especially in this fiscal crisis, we believe it makes sense to retain someone with experience in that critical area.

We also support John Hamon for much the same reason. He has experience in small business — he’s run a garage door company for many years — and of all the candidates, we found him the most pragmatic in stressing the need to hold down salary and benefit costs.

“Everything should be on the table here,” he said. “We need to be more conservative, in my view.”

It’s also worth noting that under the current leadership, the city of Paso Robles has been able to avoid the layoffs and crippling cutbacks that have plagued other government agencies.

Hamon and Steinbeck helped the city of Paso Robles weather the financial crisis, and we believe it’s important to retain their knowledge and experience as the city continues to recover fiscally.

The Tribune strongly urges the re-election of Ed Steinbeck and John Hamon to the Paso Robles City Council.

The tribune’s endorsement

Race: Paso Robles City Council

Number of seats: Two

Term: Four years

Salary: $600 per month; eligible for health benefits

Candidates: Incumbent/business owner John Hamon Jr.; Mortgage broker Greg Rachunok; incumbent/Realtor Ed Steinbeck

The Tribune endorses: John Hamon and Ed Steinbeck