Editorial: A few choice words for the Assembly

Were their ears burning? Is that why our state Assembly decided to declare this Cuss Free Week? Maybe we’re too doggone cynical, but we suspect that our lawmakers have been on the receiving end of an expletive or two themselves.

By passing a resolution inviting Californians to take the “No Cussing Challenge” this week, they may wind up among the primary beneficiaries — along with distracted drivers and pet owners who fail to clean up after their dogs.

While we don’t expect many Californians to take the no-cussing pledge seriously, it is an interesting exercise in vocabulary building. It might even promote discussion about civil discourse and — gee whiz! — we could certainly use more of that.

For those looking for alternatives to the usual collective of curse words, we have a few suggestions courtesy of McKay Hatch, the 16-year-old who helped inspire the cuss-free movement by creating a no-cussing club at his South Pasadena junior high.

He offered “sassafras,” “barnacles” and “oh pickles.”

So let’s give it a try, shall we?

Dear Assembly Member So-and-So,

What in the sassafras have you been thinking? Time to get off your barnacles and fix this mess. I don’t give a pickle how you do it, just get it the sassafras done, will ya?

There, we feel surprisingly better. Just don’t test us by neglecting to clean up after your dog.