Bouquets and Brickbats: Sidewalk cafes in SLO? Mais oui!

We’re donning our chef’s hats and whipping up an al fresco bouquet of gourmet greens for the San Luis Obispo City Council, for finding a way to accommodate more sidewalk cafe tables in the downtown. One of life’s pleasures is to sit outside on a fine day, dawdling over a plate of pasta, a basket of bread and a glass of wine. And with a climate as lovely as ours, the city should capitalize on that by promoting outdoor dining as much as possible.

So bon appetit, SLO. And merci beaucoup, council.

Explanation due from councilman

AG City Councilman Ed Arnold is in trouble with the law for allegedly assaulting a female city employee at a private residence on Turquoise Drive. We aren’t going to weigh in on his guilt or innocence, but Arnold owes constituents an explanation for this bizarre chain of events.

Until we get his side of the story, we’ll hold the brickbats in abeyance. But no matter the outcome, it’s unfortunate that Arnold’s accomplishments on the council will be overshadowed by this ugly incident.

Oceano board takes a laudable step>

The Oceano Community Services District board of directors has agreed to a forensic audit to make sure bills have been paid properly and that cash payments from customers have been handled appropriately. We’re glad to see the board take this step, as concerns about accounting procedures have been floating around for some time. The board earns half a bouquet for its decision. We’ll deliver the other half when — and if — the auditor gives the district a clean bill of health.

Good teachers should be teaching

We toss rooting-for-you bouquets to Dana Weygandt and all of her fellow teachers who were laid off during recent budget cuts. Dana, who was profiled in Tuesday’s Tribune, is one of 37 Paso Robles teachers who lost their jobs, and dozens more were laid off at other local districts.

Not only is Dana looking for work, she also is keeping busy by volunteering at the Paso Robles Library, taking classes and serving on the North County Dance and Performing Arts Foundation.

Let’s just hope the economy recovers so that dedicated teachers like Dana can get back in the classroom, where they belong.