Bouquets and Brickbats: What about a ‘my bad,’ Mr. Edge?

Poor David Edge. Apparently, he has so little to do now that he’s no longer king — er, administrator — of San Luis Obispo County that he’s decided to try his hand at semi-creative writing.

His recent article for Public Management magazine — printed under the headline “Tales of De-Termination” — blames just about everything and everybody for his firing, including the rotten economy, the newly elected board and the “old board baggage” he was forced to carry.

The only thing missing from that list is his own woefully misguided behavior. In face-saving fashion, Edge quickly glosses over his questionable conduct involving his second-in-command, Gail Wilcox.

Wilcox — who, as you probably recall, was fired in connection with a sex scandal involving a union official — alleges in a lawsuit that Edge harassed her by, among other things, “routinely commenting” on her body; asking to check out her dates; commenting to others on her “sexual awakening”; and advising her to get black stockings and lingerie.

To be crystal clear here, no such misconduct was cited as grounds for Edge’s dismissal. Instead, supervisors fired Edge “without cause” and made vague statements that it was in the best interests of the county.

Also, Edge claims in the Public Management article that the Wilcox allegations will be shown to be without merit. That may be, but in the meantime, how about slinking off into the sunset, David, rather than trumpeting your advice to former colleagues?

Some occasions call for silence, and this is one. We’re sending David a well-whined brickbat for penning this self-serving “tale.”

Outdoor smoking ban is right move

No butts about it — the San Luis Obispo City Council deserves a breathe-easy bouquet for banning smoking at parks, Mission Plaza and other city-owned, outdoor recreation venues.

The council also expressed its willingness to extend the ban to public sidewalks and the downtown Farmers Market in the near future. We had suggested that the council consider the more extensive ban after a year’s time, but the council went one better and asked staff to return in three or four months. Bravo — now that’s the way to clear to the air.

De Vaul juror guilty of waffling

Juror Mary Partin felt so strongly about Dan De Vaul’s innocence that she decided to pay $500 to bail him out of jail while he appeals his two misdemeanor code violation convictions.

We don’t doubt her sincerity, but if she really felt so strongly, why did she vote for guilt in the first place? Oh, right, she felt “pressured” by a couple of other jurors and by the judge. Yet now she may appear on national TV? Sounds like a strong-minded person to us. '

Sorry, Mary, but we find you guilty of waffling, and we sentence you to a mushy brickbat topped with marshmallow syrup.

Farewell to store many grew up with

We offer a hate-to-see-you-go bouquet to Kathy and John Rick, owners of Johnsons for Children. There has been a Johnsons children’s shop in SLO since 1963, and countless local youngsters grew up in clothes and cribs, shoes and strollers and all the other kid-friendly products purchased there. We wish the Ricks and their employees the best of luck. Downtown won’t be the same without you.