Editorial: Public radio is worth supporting

No, it isn’t pledge week. But as Viewpoint writer John Brannon pointed out in last week’s Tribune, it’s never a bad time to show our support for local public radio station KCBX.

Simply put, life without public radio would be a lot less pleasant. Programs like “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” take much of the pain out of the daily commute — and sometimes make us wish the drive home were even longer.

Over the past couple of days alone, here’s a sample of what we gleaned from random moments of listening:

To comply with new federal regulations, airlines are installing airbags in sections of planes where passengers are most vulnerable to injury.

Tuesday was Sylvia Plath’s birthday.

There is such a thing as sweet potato pound cake. And it’s allegedly delicious.

And it isn’t just nationally syndicated programming that’s of enormous value. The gavel-to-gavel coverage of county Board of Supervisors meetings is a huge public service that — in and of itself — makes public radio worth supporting.

In his Viewpoint published in the Oct. 23 Tribune, John shared his method of setting aside money for KCBX pledge drives. At the end of the day, he empties his pockets of change and sets that money aside. When pledge drive rolls around, there’s his contribution.

Great idea, but for those of us who don’t carry around change in our pockets, here are a couple of variations: Every week or so, clean out the change that accumulates at the bottom of your purse, or the various cubbyholes in your car. Or, if you’re responsible for the family laundry, those stray quarters and dimes you find at the bottom of your washing machine or dryer? Stick them in a jar.

And remember, as letter writer and KCBX volunteer Marybeth Lucas pointed out, you don’t have to wait until pledge drive to contribute. You can call 549-8855 anytime, or log on to www.kcbx.org.

Now excuse us, we have a sweet potato pound cake recipe to copy.