Californians can’t spell one of Donald Trump’s favorite words

President Donald Trump at the White House.
President Donald Trump at the White House. AP

Thanks to Google, we now know the No. 1 spelling demon in California, and it’s a beaut.

It’s not “Schwarzenegger.”

Nor is it a place name like “Cahuenga” or “Cayucos” or “Carrizo” (or is it “Carrisa”)?

It’s a simple adjective: “beautiful.”

That, according to Google, is the single word Californians have “spell searched” most often this year. (Last year it was “desert.”)

If it makes you feel any better, we are not alone. By Google’s reckoning, four other states—Kentucky, Minnesota, New York and Ohio—also are stumped by “beautiful.”

This raises two troubling questions:

1) How are people (which, by the way, was the most frequently misspelled word in Hawaii)misspelling “beautiful”?




2) Why do we even care?

We have two theories:

A) It takes our minds off all the depressing news out there.

B) Stories about misspellings allow good spellers to feel just the teensy tiniest bit better than the rest of us. (Full disclosure: We had to look up how to spell “teensy.”)

Right now, those smarty-pants spellers are probably thinking, “I may have flunked statistics, but at least I can spell “beautiful”!

Or: “I may never be vice president, but at least I can spell “potato”!

For those of you too young to remember, this is a reference to our 44th vice president, Dan Quayle. Mr. Quayle was a perfectly forgettable vice president until he misspelled “potato” as “potatoe,” in front of a roomful of school kids, no less.

We know what some of you are thinking: That’s small potatoes compared to our misspeller-in-chief, Donald Trump.

It is true that his latest head-scratcher—"covfefe"—recently made front-page news in a number of otherwise reputable publications. But in Trump’s defense, we don’t believe this was a misspelling. It was a tweeting typo. He was obviously trying to write “coverage.”

Just look at the context: “constant negative press covfefe.”

It could have happened to any of us with large thumbs!

But if you need further proof that Trump is no slouch when it comes to spelling, consider this:

He can spell “excoriated” “disaster” and “people.” (Take that, Hawaii!)

And yes, he can even spell “beautiful”!

Look at how often he uses it in tweets: Australia is a “beautiful country.” The Obamacare replacement will be “beautiful.” We need a “beautiful” wall.

Come to think of it … could Trump be taunting us Californians (plus residents of those other four states) for our “beautiful” shortcomings?

It’s something to consider over our covfefe.

But don’t let it wreck your beautyfull day, California (and you other four states).