Do you remember everything that happened in SLO County in 2016? Quiz yourself

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As we ring in 2017, we wish you a year of health, harmony and happiness. Before we bid a final farewell to 2016, though, we invite you to test your knowledge of some key San Luis Obispo County events of the past 12 months. Score 1 point for each correct answer.

Multiple Choice

1. To foster civility on the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District Board of Directors, members decided to:

(A) Disband.

(B) Open each meeting with five minutes of meditation.

(C) Spend $5,000 to hire a facilitator.

(D) Fine one another $50 each time they raised their voices, spoke out of turn or rolled their eyes.

2. A Cal Poly journalism class partnered with The Tribune to publicize gifts accepted by California lawmakers. Which of the following was not on the gift list?

(A) A 10-day junket to Australia.

(B) A guest spot on “The Walking Dead.”

(C) $151 bottle of tequila.

(D) Tickets to 49ers games.

3. Can you spot the fake fish story?

(A) Arroyo Grande native Zac Efron will appear in a remake of “Baywatch.”

(B) An Oceano fisherman who posed for pictures with his catch — a juvenile shark — was later convicted for violating a law protecting great whites.

(C) The city of Pismo Beach, the clam capital of the world, agreed to spend $28,000 on a study to determine why there are no more Pismo clams in Pismo.

(D) The San Luis Coastal Unified School District Board of Trustees agreed to loan the district superintendent $50,000 for a koi pond at his private residence.

4. Which store did not open in San Luis Obispo this year:

(A) Pinkberry.

(B) Williams-Sonoma.

(C) Tractor Supply.

(D) H&M.

5. Sunny Acres, Dan De Vaul’s sober living facility on Los Osos Valley Road, briefly made national news. Why?

(A) It was on Bernie Sander’s campaign trail.

(B) It was the setting for a new reality TV show.

(C) It was the site of a Pokestop in mobile game Pokemon Go.

(D) It was shut down by rental inspectors.

6. Who helped moderate a Cambria Community Services District candidates forum?

(A) Ed Asner.

(B) Ed Begley Jr.

(C) Ed Harris.

(D) Ed O’Neill.

7. For the first time in 2016, Cal Poly students were able to do which of the following?

(A) Major in wine appreciation.

(B) Sip beer at a restaurant in the University Union.

(C) Skip Week of Welcome activities.

(D) Use a sorting hat to pick their majors.

8. Some county residents advocated a boycott of wine from Justin Vineyards because:

(A) It was rumored that the wine would be served at Donald Trump’s inauguration festivities.

(B) It was rumored that the wine would be served at Barack Obama’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

(C) Beer is better.

(D) Hundreds of oak trees were cut down in preparation for planting more grapes.

9. The California Coastal Commission made waves when it met in Morro Bay and:

(A) Denied the city of Morro Bay a permit for a new waste water treatment plant.

(B) Fired the agency’s executive director.

(C) Banned plastic water bottles from all future meetings.

(D) Conducted the meeting in wet suits.

10. PG&E announced plans to close the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in 2025, but to help the local economy recover it is offering:

(A) 25 shares of PG&E stock to every current SLO County resident.

(B) To sell the plant to China.

(C) $85 million in compensation to local government agencies.

(D) A discount on electricity for all new businesses opening in SLO County.

Election Central

Below are names of several Central Coast candidates who won election in November. Tell us which offices they now hold. Bonus points if you can identify the five incumbents.

(1) Jeff Lee

(2) Shirley Bianchi

(3) Jim Hill

(4) John Peschong

(5) Salud Carbajal

(6) Adam Hill

(7) Roberta Fonzi

(8) Jordan Cunningham

(9) Erik Howell

(10) Bill Monning

Where in SLO County ___

(1) Was a creepy clown first spotted?

(2) Is Caltrans considering adding a “managed lane” — one that’s open only during rush hours — to alleviate congestion?

(3) Did a Fourth of July parade entry attract controversy?

(4) Did a rental inspection ordinance cause a stir?

(5) Did a tamale festival run out of tamales?

(6) Did a marriage proposal lead to a search-and-rescue mission?

(7) Did a small slice of finger end up in a Chinese chicken salad?

(8) Did voters overwhelmingly agree to tax marijuana cultivation and sales?

(9) Did voters decline to form a water management district?

(10) Was a 50-mile ultramarathon held?


Multiple choice: (1) C; (2) B; (3) D; (4) A; (5) C; (6) A; (7) B; (8) D; (9) B; (10) C

Election Central: (1) Grover Beach City Council Member (2) Cambria Community Health Care District Trustee (3) Arroyo Grande mayor (4) County supervisor (5) U.S. congressman (6) County supervisor (7) Atascadero City Council member (8) State assemblyman (9) Pismo Beach City Council member (10) State senator

The incumbents: Jeff Lee, Jim Hill, Adam Hill, Roberta Fonzi, Bill Monning

Where in SLO County: (1) Nipomo (2) Shell Beach Straights (3) Templeton (4) San Luis Obispo (5) Atascadero (6) Morro Rock (7) Paso Robles Applebee’s (8) Grover Beach (9) Paso Robles Groundwater Basin (10) Wild Cherry Canyon

If you scored 35-30: Congratulations! You are a SLO County insider! 29-20: Congratulations! You're reasonably well informed! 19-10: Congratulations! You have only a vague idea of what's going on, which means you must be leading a full and exciting life! Under 10: You're just passing through, right?