San Luis Obispo's CDF firefighters endorse Jerry Lenthall

Sheriff's candidate Jerry Lenthall has won the endorsement of the San Luis Obispo chapter of CDF firefighters, who said Lenthall "understand( s) this county and the special relationship between the fire service and law enforcement."

In a letter, John Richardson, chapter director, said the organization "believe(s) it is vitally important for all public officials to stay in touch with the needs of their constituents. ... Your experience and leadership has been and will continue to be critical in protecting our communities."

Welcoming the support, Lenthall, a 33-year veteran of the San Luis Obispo Police Department and a former county supervisor, said, "There is a critically important connection between the sheriff's department and our county's emergency service providers. This endorsement tells our community that the sheriff's office, under my direction, will return to an organization that puts a top priority on residents' health and safety."

CDF Firefighters work for CAL FIRE in providing fire and emergency response for communities in the areas of San Luis Obispo County that are outside city limits, as well as for the city of Pismo Beach.

Lenthall has five opponents: retired CHP Sgt. Michael "Tex" Teixeira; sheriff's Deputy Mark J. Adams; former Pismo Beach Police Chief Joe Cortez; sheriff's Cmdr. Ben Hall; and San Luis Obispo Police Department Capt. Ian Parkinson.