Etta Watterfield

Etta Waterfield, assembly candidate.
David Middlecamp
Etta Waterfield, assembly candidate. David Middlecamp 4-26-2010 The Tribune

Information from the official voter information guide

In the Assembly, I will fight to cut taxes, end runaway government spending, and focus on helping small businesses grow and create jobs. I want to get our economy moving by freezing the excessive taxes and regulations that are driving businesses to other states.

Any legislation that seeks to increase taxes, balloon spending, or make it more difficult to do business in our state, will be met with my strong opposition.

As a conservative Republican, I strongly oppose higher taxes, and I will protect our Proposition 13 property-tax limits. That’s why I’ve been endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the National Tax Limitation Committee, and Senator Tony Strickland. I will also fight to end excessive spending and balance the state budget by cutting nonessential programs.

As the Santa Maria Valley Economic Development Commission Director, I worked with local small businesses and saw firsthand the challenges they face from high taxes and over-regulation. Small businesses fuel our economic and job growth, and our government must stop throwing up road blocks.

My Assembly votes will reflect my strong beliefs that: taxpayers need to pay less, not more in taxes; we need to regulate businesses less, not more; our state needs to spend less, not more; and our government needs to balance its budget like you and I do every day.

Californians are over-taxed, and government spends too much. I am running to fix both of these problems. I would be honored to have your support.