Fred Strong

Fred Strong, assembly candidate.
David Middlecamp
Fred Strong, assembly candidate. David Middlecamp 4-26-2010 The Tribune

Information from the official voter's guide

As a local elected official I’ve been a fulltime, qualified, available and responsive representative of the people. I’ve fought for your rights, improved services, transportation, jobs, resources, and criminal justice services at the lowest possible taxpayer cost. Three times I’ve voted to reduce property taxes.

I’ve defended your Constitutional rights, basic services and local governance for decades at the local, state and national levels.

As a consultant and elected or appointed leader I’ve written legislation and reports for over three dozen local and regional jurisdictions, three states and the United States Senate during my career. Most of it was to protect and defend your rights and minimize costs in the areas of agriculture, education, tax reform, housing, economic strategies and jobs, transportation, public health and safety, criminal justice, property rights, resource development and management, blight elimination, conservation, parks and recreation and basic government.

I work to retain cooperative local control over decisions, improve productivity and technology while reducing costs, minimize State mandates and eliminate the state’s micromanagement. We must keep big money, from whatever source, from buying our government!

Together we can do that.

My background includes being a university administrator/educator, print and electronic media professional, business owner, president or CEO of large homeowners and concerned citizens’ organizations and a land use consultant. These activities have kept me actively fighting for you in Sacramento for over 30 years.