Matt Kokkonen

Matt Kokkonen, assembly candidate.
David Middlecamp
Matt Kokkonen, assembly candidate. David Middlecamp 4-26-2010 The Tribune

Information from official voter's guide

As your Assemblyman, and as a financial planner for over 35 years, I will work to bring back jobs, cut state spending, oppose illegal immigration, reduce taxes, balance the budget, reduce regulations, rein in excessive employee public pensions, place people over smelt fish and resist the agenda of radical environmentalists which is driving our businesses, farmers and ranchers out of business.

I’m not a politician. I’m a citizen-activist, local business owner, father and grandfather. In 2008, I was the Republican nominee for Congress against Lois Capps, winning over 80,000 votes. My campaign against Lois Capps was an example of my willingness to step forward and fight for conservative values and beliefs:

When the Gray Davis Recall battle heated up in 2003, I organized the Recall campaign in the 33rd District.

When it was time to say “no” to granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens, I led the local petition drive.

When it was time to honor America's fighting troops abroad (including my daughter USAF Maj. Jana Kokkonen, a military doctor), I launched the annual 9-11 rallies to remember the terrorist attack and to raise much-needed supplies to meet the needs of our troops.

When it was time to raise our collective voices against rampaging, out-of-control government trampling our fundamental liberties, I organized the San Luis Obispo Tea Party.

When it was time to answer the public's questions about “Obamacare,” I organized town hall meetings to address these critical health care issues.