Katcho Achadjian

Katcho Achadjian
Katcho Achadjian The Tribune

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I am a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I know first hand how to achieve efficiency in government while being accountable and fiscally responsible.

As County Supervisor I helped make the tough cuts needed to balance $400 million budgets for 11 consecutive years and helped build up $81 million in reserves without raising taxes. I brought my expertise as a small business owner to my government work to create new jobs and to keep good jobs from leaving the central coast. I led by example and opposed every effort to raise my pay on the Board. I will take these conservative values and my experience to Sacramento and get our fiscal house in order. I will work to pass real reforms that tie the hands of big spending liberal politicians by imposing a strict cap on spending and will audit government bureaucracy to root out waste, fraud and abuse. I will work to deport illegal immigrant prisoners thereby saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

Conservatives know they can count on me to support and protect Proposition 13, to oppose job killing tax hikes and to fight excessive regulations. I have received the endorsement of the California Republican Taxpayers Association and hundreds of conservative leaders who know I have the experience to fix what’s wrong with our state budget and economy.

Join my fight to clean up Sacramento, stop deficit spending and get California back to work.