Weather Watch

SLO County weather forecast for the week of June 16

Here is this week’s weather forecast by PG&E meteorologist John Lindsey.

Weather report

This morning’s coastal low clouds are forecast to quickly clear as strong to gale force (25- to 38-mph) northwesterly winds develop along the coastline and mix out the marine layer. The coastal valleys should clear later this morning while the beaches should see sunshine by this afternoon.

This onshore flow is projected to keep all of San Luis Obispo County mild. Today’s high temperatures are projected to hit the high 70s in the North County and the low 70s in the coastal valleys. The beaches are forecast to range between the low 60s along the northwesterly facing beaches (Morro Bay, Los Osos, Montaña de Oro State Park and the Nipomo Mesa) the mid-60s at the westerly facing beaches (Cambria and Pismo Beach) and the low 70s along the southwesterly facing beaches of Cayucos, Avila Beach and Shell Beach.

The marine low clouds are forecast to redevelop tonight into Tuesday morning.  The northwesterly winds should weaken and temperatures should increase a bit with a general rise by about 2 and 6 degrees. Overall, temperatures will generally be near or slightly below normal for the middle of June. Further warming is forecast for Wednesday in the North County with temperatures rising to slightly above normal. Along the beaches, the marine layer should deepen and persist throughout most of the day with very little clearing.

Increasing northwesterly winds later Thursday, but especially Friday through Sunday, are forecast to produce plenty of sunshine along the beaches during the late morning and afternoon hours.  The North County should continue to warm, reaching the 90s on Sunday, while the beaches and coastal valleys remain mild.

Surf report

Today’s strong to gale force (25- to 38-mph) northwesterly winds will generate a 5- to 7-foot northwesterly (320-degree, deep-water) sea and swell (with a 4- to 9-second period) this afternoon through Tuesday.

The northwesterly winds will diminish Wednesday. Consequently, a 3- to 5-foot northwesterly (310-degree, deep-water) swell (with a 7- to 9-second period) will develop along our coastline on Wednesday and will continue at this height and period through Thursday morning.

Fresh to strong (19- to 31-mph) northwesterly winds are forecast to develop Thursday afternoon, increasing to strong to gale force (25- to 38-mph) levels on Friday. These winds may further build to moderate gale-force to fresh gale-force (32- to 46-mph) levels on Saturday through Sunday.

Needless to say, these winds will produce a 4- to 6-foot northwesterly (320-degree, deep-water) sea and swell (with a 4- to 9-second period) Thursday afternoon through Friday morning, building to 5 to 7 feet with the same period Friday afternoon through Saturday morning. This northwesterly sea and swell will further increase to 6 to 8 feet (with a 5- to 9-second period) Saturday afternoon through Sunday.  

Seawater temperatures

Seawater temperatures will range from 52 to 54 degrees through Thursday, decreasing to 51 and 53 degrees on Friday through Sunday.